Mathematical Physics Seminar (Nov 9th) – Dr Izaak Neri – A first-passage perspective on trade-offs between dissipation, speed, and uncertainty

Abstract: A fundamental feature of nonequilibrium processes is that they are governed by a trade-off between dissipation, speed, and uncertainty. In this seminar, we discuss how to quantify this nonequilibrium trade-off with first-passage quantities, and subsequently, we discuss distinct advantages of the first-passage approach. We also relate the derived trade-off relations to the van’t Hoff-Arrhenius law that holds for processes near equilibrium. As an application, we estimate the rate of dissipation in a nonequilibrium process from repeated realisations of a first-passage process, and we compare the first-passage approach with alternative approaches based on the thermodynamic uncertainty ratio and the Kullback-Leibler divergence.


Note: this seminar will be happening in-person 

Location: Room 342 + zoom meeting for those who can not attend in person

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