Image of the moon with the text: Amanda Lee Falkenberg, The Moons Symphony, New worlds to explore

We invite you to join us for Imperial’s annual Christmas Lecture as it returns as an in-person event.

This year the College is joining forces with composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg and a stellar cast of Imperial researchers, NASA scientists, writers, musicians and our very own astronaut Helen Sharman, to launch the LUNAR Discovery mission, an experimental educational programme accompanying ‘The Moons Symphony’ album. 

This Christmas Lecture will be a performance unlike any other combining science, music and space for pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13.  The audience will learn how science helped the development of a new musical symphony: scientific concepts will flow seamlessly into excerpts of the music and discussions from world-leading experts from Imperial and beyond on the stories behind the moons.

We hope to offer a dynamic musical canvas to communicate space and science, igniting your curiosity and stimulating the imaginations of the next generation of STEM students, future scientists, engineers, space explorers and music lovers.

The event will take place at the Great Hall at Imperial College on Friday 2 December from 5pm-8.15pm, with refreshments available from 5pm-6:30pm, and the concert taking place from 6:45pm-8:15pm. We expect this multi-disciplinary event to be extremely popular, so please sign up your students as soon as possible.

What is the L U N A R Discovery Mission?

L U N A R is a new experimental journey towards excellence in STEAM education. Through the cross-pollination of SPACE, SCIENCE and ARTS, content has been designed to deliver memorable and long-lasting impressions on the maturing minds of students.

L U N A R has been curated for maximum impact to help digest concepts in meaningful ways, to inspire and uplift. By offering a dynamic musical canvas to communicate fascinating space stories and science, our desire is to evoke awe and wonder, to ignite curiosity, to communicate aspects of science and knowledge of parts of the Universe, to sustain and stimulate imaginations of the generation of scientists, engineers and space explorers.

Based on science fact, L U N A R explores events and studies scenes taking place in our Solar System right now. With a dynamic blend of science, music and space, students will engage with topics through different mediums and learning styles. This could take us to a new educational frontier.

We launch the L U N A R Mission at Imperial College London on 2 December 2022.  Combining the scientific expertise of Imperial’s space researchers, its passion for outreach, the insights of its resident astronaut, and flair of its own student musicians, Imperial will join forces with leading authors, NASA scientists and the composer of ‘The Moons Symphony’ to host live events.

Science and music involve experimentation, and as a world-leading university specialising in ground-breaking science and space research, Imperial is perfectly placed to embark on this experimental outreach project aiming to bring space, science and classical music to a new generation of STEM students, future scientists, engineers, space explorers and music lovers.

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