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The Centre for Advanced Therapeutics Early Career Researcher Network is delighted to welcome Ziyin Wang, PhD student in the Tregoning group from the Department of Infectious Disease, Imperial College London.

Join us on Microsoft Teams from 1 – 2 pm, Tuesday 29th November for this month’s seminar, where Ziyin will be presenting:

                                            IL-1α required for T cell driven weight loss during respiratory viral infection

Abstract: Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) remains a global challenge of morbidity and mortality due to the lack of treatment and vaccine. Severe weight loss during RSV infection in infants and the elderly is detrimental and have been shown to aggravate the underlying condition. However, specific treatments for infection-driven weight loss do not exist. Here, we utilised an in vivo model of CD8+ T cell-driven weight loss during RSV to dissect the immune regulation of weight loss. We compared the blood RNA transcriptomic profile and lung cytokine readouts in RSV-infected mice with and without CD8+ T cells. Although the IL-1 signalling pathway was enriched in our dataset, weight loss was completely suppressed in IL-1a deficient mice, but not IL-1b deficient mice. We show that IL-1a possesses dual functions in RSV-driven weight loss by priming and expanding CD8 T cells and crossing the blood-brain barrier into the brain. Further dissecting the mechanism of IL-1a-driven infection-associated weight loss could offer exciting therapeutic avenues.


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