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Dr Geraldine Pichot will deliver the ESE Departmental Seminar on 26 January 2023, “Subsurface flow simulations: Efficient mesh generation and solvers to tackle simulations in large-scale fractured media”

Join us in room G41 – RSM Building – on Thursday 26th January 2023 at 12h10.

Or on Microsoft Teams: Geraldine Pichot Seminar


In underground environments, fractures are very numerous and present at all scales, with very heterogeneous sizes and transmissivities.
The most commonly used model for representing fractures in a porous medium is the Discrete Fracture Matrix (DFM) model, in which fractures are represented as structures of codimension 1 (DFN model).
In this talk, we consider single phase flow simulations in DFN containing up to 1 million of fractures and in DFM containing thousands of fractures. We will present strategies to solve these large scale simulations with dedicated, robust and efficient numerical methods, especially 1/ how to perform the mesh generation, 2/ how to discretize the flow problem (with mixed hybrid FEM and Hybrid High Order methods) and 3/ how to solve the large linear systems arising from the discretization.

About the speaker

Géraldine Pichot is a research scientist at Inria since 2010. She is a computational scientist leading interdisciplinary research (applied mathematics, high performance computing, physics). Her main topic of interest is the development of new numerical methods and software to solve partial differential equations in large scale fractured porous media.

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