This seminar will discuss how Airbus UpNext is developing a 30% scaled flying demonstrator with a high performance wing featuring advanced technologies for control of the loads in turbulence, handling qualities, aerodynamic performance and flutter.

The project has been partly inspired by birds such as the albatross in terms of the high aspect wing, but also for the highly actuated control surfaces including the “semi aeroelastic” flapping wing tips which have already been demonstrated by the smaller scale AlbatrossONE aircraft.

The ultimate goal of eXtra Performance Wing is to accelerate and validate technologies to enable a high-span, low drag wing, that is also light weight, leading to reduced fuel burn and CO₂ emissions, contributing greatly to Airbus’ decarbonisation roadmap.

About the Brahmal Institute Seminar Series

The Brahmal Vasudevan Institute for Sustainable Aviation Seminar Series  hosted by the Department of Aeronautics, is a series of talks by internationally renowned individuals covering a broad range of areas including aeronautics, technology development and policymaking.

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