Matson Taylor, Cynthia So, Anita Chandran and Aifric Campbell

We are delighted to invite you to How To Get Published – a one-off evening event that brings together successful published writers from across Imperial College who share their experience of publication and creative practice. Wine and soft drinks provided.

Monday 20th March at 18.30 in Royal School of Mines (RSM) G.41*

A 4-person panel will be chaired by Gita Ralleigh, CLCC Lecturer in creative writing and writer of poetry and prose works.

  • Aifric Campbell, CLCC Lecturer in creative writing and author of 4 novels and a number of short stories.
  • Anita Chandran, founder and editor of Tamarind Literary Magazine , science writer, fiction writer and Physics PhD
  • Neil Matson Taylor, CfAE Lecturer and author of the ‘Evie Epworth’ books
  • Cynthia So, EDI Centre Coordinator, author of the YA novel If You Still Recognise Me.

This event promises a lively debate as well as an opportunity for those interested to learn more about paths to publication.

*New venue! RSVP essential as room space is limited so please register asap!

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