Inhale webinar

Air pollution exposure and respiratory response at a personal level – risks and mitigation in London

Friday 26th May, 13:00-15:30, online via Zoom.

An open webinar to discuss the INHALE project’s findings, lessons learned and how they can be implemented. Register on Eventbrite.

The INHALE project team will summarise the findings of this multidisciplinary project that has studied the relationship between urban air pollution exposure and lung health at a personal level. The team will describe the approach taken and how their findings may help define the risks and mitigation approaches to people living in London urban areas. People from all backgrounds who are concerned about these issues are most welcome to attend. There will be plenty of time for questions, discussion, and debate! Register on Eventbrite. Each session will last 30 min, sessions 1-4 will contain a 20 minute talk followed by 10 minutes for questions:

–            Session 1: Measuring personal exposure to air pollution: quantifying personal risks, Professor D.K. Arvind, University of Edinburgh

–            Session 2: Constituents of air pollution: what makes the toxic mix? Professor Alexandra Porter, Imperial College London

–            Session 3: Greenery in urban areas: a useful mitigating approach? Professor Prashant Kumar, University of Surrey

–            Session 4: Modelling of air pollution: introducing physical processes, and developing an app, Dr Rossella Arcucci and Dr Fangxin Fang, Imperial College London

–            Session 5: Discussion

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