Great Exhibition Road Festival, Design Innovation Zone, DE

Join us at the Great Exhibition Road Festival on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June where over 70,000 people will gather to celebrate the wonders of Design, Engineering, and Innovation!

Our building will be transformed into the ultimate Design Innovation Zone, offering a multitude of captivating activities for everyone to enjoy. Discover technology visions in fields such as soft robotics in healthcare, agritech systems in London and global drought zones, online privacy and security challenges, battery sourcing and transport infrastructures, and materials for circular economies.

Things to do in the Design Innovation zone include:

  • Hands-on augmented reality (AR) assisted cardboard prototyping
  • Meet successful innovation start-ups and discover their journeys
  • Enjoy pop-up talks including ‘getting started in design engineering’
  • Try out the latest immersive 3D computer aided designing in virtual reality
  • Visit our audio lab to experience 3D sound
  • View technology futures videos in our chill-out room
  • See demonstrations of future soft robotics in healthcare
  • Explore numerous student innovation projects
  • Relax with refreshments in the Dyson building café

Getting here

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