The 25th STUOD Sandbox meeting to be held in a hybrid mode on Friday, 27th October. The Sandboxes are special events, set in specially equipped audio-visual rooms, among Ifremer, Imperial, and Inria with all available tools to manipulate and test ideas.

The 25th meeting of the Sandbox Series will be devoted to Dynamic Frontogenesis in the Vertical Slice Model (VSM)

Chair: Darryl Holm

12.00-12.40 Colin Cotter (ICL) VSM, quo vadis?

12.40-13.00 Discussion

13.00-13.10 Break

Session II

Chair: Dan Crisan

13.10-13.30 A. Bethencourt de Leon (ICL) Stability, well-posedness and blow-up criterion for a class of incompressible VSM solutions 

13.30-13.50 Oliver Street (ICL) Inertial gravity waves in VSM

13.50-14.10 Ruiao Hu (ICL) Lie group properties of the VSM 

14.10-14.30 Discussion