Sustainability Unconference
Join us for Imperial College London’s first Sustainability Unconference: Sustainable Education and Campuses.

As sustainability as the priority, how should we teach and learn, and how should our campuses operate? Join us for this interactive, participant-led exchange of innovative ideas, learning, and networking, and help us shape the way we teach and work at Imperial College London.

The Sustainability Unconference will focus on two themes:

1. Education as if the world matters.

Education is not yet fit for purpose as it does not prepare students for the environmental and social challenges that we face now and into the future. What would education at Imperial look like if we took the sustainable development goals seriously and prepared our students to create the future we need, including tackling challenges we don’t yet understand?

2. Creating a climate and nature positive campus.

Our current campuses and ways of working are not yet net-zero, climate resilient or nature positive, but we want them to be. What would it take from us all to transform Imperial College London to become a sustainable and resilient organisation we can all be proud of?

Who should attend?

All Imperial College London students, academic, teaching and operational staff with an interest in how we teach sustainability in our programmes and practice it on our campuses.

How will the day work?

Come along with a topic that you’re passionate about and would love to discuss with others. You can pitch the idea on the day or start the conversation beforehand by joining our Your Priorities group or taking our survey.

Anybody can pitch an idea, but you’ll only have one minute to do so!

We’ll have time and space to discuss 15 facilitated topics. You’ll help to choose those topics on the day. Of course, this is your conference and informal breakouts are encouraged!


We want everybody who comes along to feel safe and respected. We’ve suggested some guidelines.

Sharing: Come prepared to share your ideas, knowledge, thoughts, questions and challenges. Be brave.

Receiving: Listen graciously to others. Value all contributions. Value the individuals contributing. Welcome constructive challenge and new perspectives, even if uncomfortable – be curious!

Trust: Trust each other to come from the right place and do the right thing. Trust yourself.

Responsibility: This is your event. The ways in which you contribute will influence the success of the day. Take responsibility for yourself, fellow participants, and the discussion topics.

Getting here

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