Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park day trip

Please note this trip is weather dependent and requires minimum numbers to go ahead meaning there is a possibility of cancellation/rescheduling.

Transport to and from the wind farm will be arranged by Energy Futures Lab and will leave from outside Imperial College London.

About Westmill

Westmill, located in Oxfordshire near the Wiltshire border, is unique with both wind and solar community-owned electricity generation on one site. Both projects were pioneered by farmer Adam Twine.

Westmill Wind Farm, 100% community-owned before construction, produces electricity equivalent to the electrical energy consumed annually by 2,800 homes, generating around £1 million income a year, and preventing over 5,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Adam Twine was inspired by a trip to Denmark where 20% of the country’s renewable energy generators are owned by communities. Once the planning hurdle was overcome, nearly 2,500 people opted to buy shares in the five turbines; with preference to the amount of shares given to those living locally so reaping the financial rewards, retaining the profit locally, and feeling they have ownership of energy production in their area.

The flat, open, elevated landscape is ideal for a wind farm. Fully operational in March 2008 and costing £7.7 million, this pioneering project was the first wind farm built in the south of England. It is 100% community owned by over 2,300 people, who invested in Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative Ltd in order for the wind farm to be built.

Find out more about the farm here


About Energy Futures Lab

Energy Futures Lab is one of seven Global Institutes at Imperial College London. The institute was established to address global energy challenges by identifying and leading new opportunities to serve industry, government and society at large through high quality research, evidence and advocacy for positive change. The institute aims to promote energy innovation and advance systemic solutions for a sustainable energy future by bringing together the science, engineering and policy expertise at Imperial and fostering collaboration with a wide variety of external partners.

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