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In June 2023, the records of more than a million patients were compromised in a ransomware attack on the University of Manchester. In 2022, the Conti ransomware attack brought the Irish healthcare system to a standstill. These are a few examples of the increasing number of cyber-attacks on the healthcare sector.

Cyber-attacks against healthcare providers are particularly damaging because they can directly impact the delivery of safe patient care. Challenges include outdated and vulnerable IT infrastructure, unpatchable equipment, a lack of staff trained in cybersecurity, complex hierarchies and governance systems, and a lack of governmental and institutional support and investment.

Despite an increasing reliance on digital technologies to provide patient care, the healthcare sector has chronically underinvested in cyber resilience compared to other critical sectors.

How can healthcare systems, particularly the NHS, become more cyber resilient? By gathering speakers and audience members from across government, industry, and academia for a presentation series and panel discussion, the Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST) and CyNam aim to identify solutions and actions that we can recommend to our national networks and affiliates for further research and attention.

The event will be chaired by Dr Saira Ghafur, Digital Health Lead at the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Security Science Fellow at ISST, honorary consultant in respiratory medicine at St Mary’s Hospital, and Co-Founder of Prova Health and Psyma. Dr Ghafur has spearheaded Imperial College London’s collaborations for healthcare cybersecurity.


Speakers include

Charlie Sammut – Deputy Director (Cyber, Data, Analytics, and Surveillance Group), UK Health Security Agency

Thomas Russell-Mésenge – Head of System Engagement (Joint Cyber Unit), NHS England


Event schedule

10:45am: Doors open for attendee registration. Drinks will be made available.

11am: Presentations from each speaker and a panel discussion chaired by Dr Ghafur.

Noon: Networking and catered lunch.

1pm: Event close


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About CyNam

CyNam provides a Cheltenham-centric platform that connects the best cyber security minds and local SMEs and start-ups. The primary aim for CyNam is to help create the conditions for local cyber technology innovation. We provide the capability, community and culture to help set small companies on the path towards becoming ‘unicorns’. We see CyNam as orchestrators – bringing together pioneering start-ups with investment, industry and government for wealth creation in the Gloucestershire region.

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