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Join Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng (ISST Interim Director) for a series of presentations from speakers that work across ISST’s activities in education, research, and innovation.

We aim to engage Imperial academics, the Innovation Ecosystem, and NATO’s DIANA, with the goal of encouraging conversation and collaboration between those groups within the remit of such activities.


Speakers include:

Professor Deeph Chana (Managing Director of NATO’s DIANA)

Professor Julie McCann (PETRAS and CHEDDAR)

Dr Hamed Haddadi (SPRITE+)

Professor Emil Lupu (RITICS)

Dr William G Proud (MSc Security and Resilience Co-Director).


Event schedule (detailed schedule to follow):

11:45-12:45: Registration period with catered light lunch, tea, and coffee available.

12:45-1: Attendees settle in the presentation space.

1-4: Speaker presentations with regular breaks.

4-5: Networking.

Registered attendees will receive further details in due course.

Any questions may be directed to Jack Cooper (j.cooper@imperial.ac.uk).


About the Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST)

The Institute for Security Science and Technology is Imperial College London’s hub for security research and engagement.

Security is often only viewed through the narrow lens of conflict and war. Our mission at the Institute for Security Science and Technology is to challenge that perception and demonstrate the breadth and depth of a topic that touches everyone in society, wherever they are in the world.


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