Book cover - Once A King by Jane Marguerite Tippett

This unique event is a discussion between Jane Marguerite Tippett, author of Once a King (Hodder and Stoughton, October 2023), and Dr Michael Weatherburn of Imperial College London.

Tippett will discuss her newly-released book on the former Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor, including insights on her thinking and research.

The discussion will then broaden to situate Tippett’s work into the larger historiography of the British royal family and twentieth-century history generally.

This event aims to provide fascinating insights into how novel and revelatory archival work can still be done, even on extremely well-known topics in a digital age.


  • Jane Marguerite Tippett (Author-Archivist)
  • Michael Weatherburn (Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication)

This seminar will take place both live at CLCC and online. Register via Eventbrite, below.

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