As the Financial Times recently noted, academic consultancy is on the rise, as is the involvement of academics in corporate learning. Clients value the knowledge, focus, integrity and critical thinking that academics can bring to research and training. Moreover, academic consultants value the skills and insights they gain working with companies.

This seminar will draw on experience from Dr Michael Weatherburn and Dr Igor Baranov in conducting consultancy and corporate learning work. Drawing on experience in healthcare, postal services, defence, law, finance, and more, we will address vital aspects such as organisational practicalities, opportunity development, and working with non-academic colleagues. As part of the seminar, we will support attendees in developing their value proposition for a potential client. This will be a must-attend event for researchers and educators seeking to gain new experience and opportunities in additional sectors.

Speakers -Michael Weatherburn (Senior Teaching Fellow) & Igor Baranov (Lecturer in Economics and Management ) – Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

This seminar will take place both live at CLCC and online.

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