Doctor examining little girl's neck in clinic

12 February – 15 March 2024 (Online)
Live online session: dates: 15, 22 February, 1, 5 & 12 March 2024

This short course will build on pre-existing knowledge of normal growth and development in children, with focus on abnormal growth patterns, disorders of puberty and the development of a practical approach to investigation and management.

Emphasis will be placed on gaining a greater understanding of genetic testing as relates to endocrine and common hormonal conditions. The importance of life course of disease, beginning from neonatal endocrine conditions continuing through childhood to transition to adult services will also be highlighted. You will also explore the evidence and application of technology in diabetes.

The course runs online over 5 consecutive weeks, and you are expected to conduct approximately 7 to 10 hours of self-directed study per week, depending on your pace of learning. This consists of weekly directed tasks that you can undertake at your own pace and timing, such as watching recorded lectures, assigned reading or reflection and forum work, but also may consist of group work online.  There are also planned synchronous sessions during the course to discuss ideas, present group and individual work and to facilitate further learning.


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