Plane flying far away with large contrails


The global aviation industry generated approximately one billion tonnes of CO2 in 2019 – a major contributor to climate impact, alongside warming from plane contrails. Yet, reducing  impact is challenging due to the sector’s fast rate of growth and a lack of ready zero-carbon alternatives.  

With many possible mitigation ideas, how does the sector choose which are best to develop? 

Professor Andreas W. Schäfer will review the role that integrated assessment models can have in deciding which outcomes best reduce the aviation sector’s climate impact.  

Please see Cassyni for the full technical abstract. 

About the speaker  

Andreas W. Schäfer is a Professor of Energy and Transport at the UCL Energy Institute and Director of the Air Transportation Systems Laboratory ( His research covers the supply characteristics of and demand for energy and transportation systems. 

He has been the Principle Investigator on numerous research projects and is the lead-author of “Transportation in a Climate-Constrained World, MIT Press (June 2009). Schäfer  has also published  works in Scientifics American, American Scientist and key international publications. 

He has been a member of various advisory boards and has delivered more than 100 invited seminars, workshops and conference presentations predominantly in North America and Europe. 

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