On the 13th of December we are hosting 2 former students that have completed the MRes in Biomedical Research (Data Science stream) in 2020/2021 and have gone to start their careers in industry:

Caitlin Barber (LinkedIn) is a Data Science and Analytics Consultant at IBM.

Filip Makraduli (LinkedIn) is a Data Scientist at Marks & Spencer (M&S).

This Biomedical Data Science Seminar Series (BDS3) session will be in the form of a panel discussion with Q&A with Filip and Caitlin.

They will briefly introduce themselves and what they do in their current roles, after which we will open the floor to questions from attendees.


If you want to attend in person, please contact one of the organisers (Tim, Dezso, Gopal, Joram) directly so we have a sense of numbers and will add you to the invite. For anyone wanting to attend in person without access to the buildings, please let us know as well so we can let you in.

If you want to attend online, the Teams link is provided.

Getting here