Net Zero Transition Plans: Credibility and Action

Significant numbers of companies and financial institutions have publicly committed to achieve a range of sustainability objectives, including net zero. Transition plans are increasingly being seen as the means of planning and articulating the delivery of these commitments. Credible transition plans are a blueprint for companies to meet these objectives, and also provide crucial information for investors, lenders, regulators, policymakers, and civil society.

The Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) has developed a Disclosure Framework to help companies create robust and credible transition plans, and the FCA and the UK Government have both committed to consult on transition plan requirements, informed by the TPT. This is part of a global movement where jurisdictions such as the US, EU, Japan, Singapore, and Australia are all considering policies and regulations around transition plans. Financial institutions and companies have an opportunity to learn and get ahead as future regulations unfold.

This UK CGFI Leeds Innovation Hub event will feature representatives from the TPT, financial institutions, businesses, and academia discussing case studies and best practice in the rapidly changing policy and regulatory environment.

Registration 2:00 pm | Sessions 2:15 pm | Networking Reception 5:10 – 6:30 pm

Hosted at the UK CGFI Leeds Innovation Hub
Nexus – University of Leeds, Discovery Way, Leeds LS2 3AA

Who should attend?

We welcome attendees with a professional interest in the topic, including from:

  • Financial institutions, corporates, and SME businesses from all sectors.
  • Climate and environmental scientists from academia and not-for-profit research centres.
  • Climate and environmental analytics businesses.
  • Public sector organisations, including local, regional, and central government and agencies.


Full agenda can be found on the event page.


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