Photograph of multi-project test chip

This event is part of the Friday Forums, a series of events consisting of a panel followed by an audience discussion. It is a rule of the Forum that half of the time is given over to audience discussion. Do come along expecting to be involved in lively discussion and debate. All Friday Forums are free with lunch provided and are open to all College members.

For The Good Science Project‘s third Friday Forum of 2024, we’ll consider how science comes in different styles, different sizes, and different time scales.

Image credit: James Duffy, Imperial College London.



12.20-13.00 – panellists and attendees arrive for an informal lunch (sandwiches and refreshments provided)

13.00-14.00 – panel discussion, chaired by Dr Stephen Webster, followed by audience Q and A and conversation.

Discussion points

  • How does theoretical science, and ‘blue skies’ research, relate to high impact and translational work?
  • Do you prefer bench science and your own questions, to a proliferating collaboration?
  • What are the differences between devoting yourself to a smaller problem and a smaller lab, rather than to a big problem and a big team? Or is this distinction artificial, with ‘good science’ always being a mixture of the two?


  • Professor Frank Kelly (Battcock Chair in Community Health and Policy, Imperial College)
  • Dr Yuval Elani (Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and co-founder of ‘fabriCELL’)
  • Dr Alex Richardson (Research Associate, Imperial College)


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