Join us for a momentous occasion as we launch the Green Impact Sustainability Initiative, a United Nations award-winning programme aimed at fostering a greener and more sustainable future.  

What is Green Impact?

The Green Impact scheme is a sustainability competition for departments. Teams work through a workbook to complete sustainability actions and can progress through bronze, silver, and gold levels. Green Impact has been designed to bring teams together to learn more about sustainability and engage in environmental practices in your workspace.



  • Welcome and Introduction 
  • Overview of the Green Impact Sustainability Initiative 
  • Interactive Q&A Session with Project Manager, Green Impact and Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator, Imperial College 
  • Networking Reception 

During this event, you’ll gain valuable insights into the core principles of the Green Impact Initiative and its potential impact on our community.

The Q&A session is a key component of the event, offering you the chance to engage directly with the Project Manager for Green Impact and the Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator for Imperial College. This is your opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, and contribute to the ongoing conversation about creating a more sustainable and resilient future. 

Following the formal programme, we invite you to connect with like-minded individuals during the networking reception. This event aims to inspire collaboration and ignite a shared passion for sustainable practices within our Imperial College community. 

Be a part of this transformative moment by attending the Green Impact Sustainability Initiative launch. Your presence and active participation will contribute to the success of this initiative and help shape a more sustainable future for us all.


Sustainability Fortnight: 19 February – 1 March 2024 

This event is part of Imperial College London’s Sustainability Fortnight 2024. Visit the Sustainability webpage to find out more information about all the events taking place over the two weeks.

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