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The Department of Physics at Imperial College London is again hosting a full day Particle Physics Masterclass.

We invite Sixth form Physics students and their teachers to come and find out about the exciting world of Experimental Particle Physics from one of the largest Particle Physics research groups in the country. We have run the Masterclass successfully in a similar format for a number of years.

The day will start with an Introduction to the Group and the experiments and talks about current hot topics in Particle Physics. After lunch, the programme will continue and the students can have a tour of the current undergraduate projects followed by further talks and discussions.



This Event is now fully booked 


Reservations, indicating the number of students and accompanying teachers, can be made using our online registration form.

Please note, the booking will only be valid once a payment of £5.00 per student (going towards refreshments costs) has been made. Teachers do not need to pay.  A maximum number of 10 students per school can attend, students may also register to attend individually.

Booking deadline 4th July 2024

All attendees will be contacted with further details via email prior to the event.

Please contact Paula Consiglio/Fundamental Physics Admin Team if you need any further information.

We are looking forward to seeing you!



9:00→10:00  Registration  – Level 2 Foyer – Fundamental Physic Admin

10:00→10:20 Welcome and Intro – LT3 –  Prof David Colling + Security Person

10:20→10:45 The Standard Model –LT3 – Irene Andreou

10:45→11:10 The Energy Frontier (CMS) –LT3 —Dr Daniel Winterbottom

11:10→11:35 Triggering (maybe some ML on Chip) –LT3 – Dr Andrew Rose

11:35→12:00 LHCb –LT3 –Dr Matthew Birch

12:00→13:00 LUNCH

13:00→15:00 Discovering the Higgs (computing exercise) –Computing suite level 3—Dr Jaime Leon Holgado

15:00→15:20 Refreshments (chat with HEP  people) – Level 2 foyer

15:20→15:45 Neutrinos  –LT3 –Dr Edward Atkins

15:45→16:10 Dark Matter –LT3 –Dr Kelsey Oliver-Mallory

16:10→16:35 Particle Beams in medicine—LT3—Maria Maxouti

16:35→17:00 Entrepreneurship in particle physics –LT3 –Dr John Hassard

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