REDESIGN: A Women’s Health Hackathon to empower women with better user experience and improve health outcomes

Hosted by the Imperial College Women’s Health Network of Excellence, in collaboration with the Imperial FemTech and Design Engineering Societies, this event promotes interdisciplinary work among students and early career professionals to solve the foremost women’s health challenges. The event will comprise various workshops, talks and networking sessions.


  • To raise awareness of gender gaps in healthcare and the entirety of women’s health, including but also beyond the traditional focus on sexual and reproductive health.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among design, engineering, medical, and business students to innovate solutions to the foremost issues affecting the health of women today.
  • To innovate the format of hackathons by promoting user-centred design in solution development, including more contexts and user experiences in the problem-solving process.

Four tracks:

  1. Cardiometabolic health
  2. Brain and mental health
  3. Gynaecological health
  4. Maternal health


The event will host up to 80 students and early career professionals, who will form teams of 4-5 people to come up with solutions to specific women’s health challenges.

Judging Panel:


  • In addition, every participant will receive a 50% discount to the FemHealth Insights mentoring program

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