Image of invisible warrior at the Great Exhibition Road Festival

Talk to scientists to learn about blood, blood cells and blood diseases. Meet a patient with Sickle Cell Disease and learn about their story. Learn about the current and future treatments for Sickle Cell Disease, and find out why more blood donors are needed especially from different ethnic backgrounds.

Our stand is for all ages: meet and talk to scientists, get hands-on with science and creative activities, use our microscope to study blood cells up close, and test your knowledge in our quiz!

To find us: enter the main entrance of Imperial College on Exhibition Road. We are located in the Body Zone, which you can find going down one floor from the main entrance. To reach the Body Zone, take the stairs opposite the entrance to the “College Cafe”, or the lifts which you can find down the hall just after entering the “Imperial College Business School”. Once you are down one floor, you can find the Invisible Warrior stand in the area which would be roughly directly under the “College Cafe”.

Getting here

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