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Do you want to improve your academic STEMM research writing? 

Join our ‘Advanced academic writing‘ guided activity sessions, designed to train you to improve the effectiveness and all-round readability of your STEMM research writing.  

Through a series of group activities, you will practise refining texts to better communicate STEMM research. This will help you understand how your own science can be presented in a more logical, impactful and reader-friendly way. 

These sessions are interactive guided sessions, not lectures. Because of this interactive nature, please note that the sessions are not recorded. If you’d like input on advanced academic writing, we recommend you complete our online self-study learning blocks.  

24 July – Flow: Coherence and cohesion 

Produce cohesive texts which flow and present your scientific work in a logical and reader-friendly way. 

07 AugustCritical evaluation  

Demonstrate your critical evaluation of your own research and that of others.