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**This event has been postponed due to COVID-19**

Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental threats we face in the UK and globally. High levels of pollutants, including gases (such as nitrogen dioxide) and particulate matter, carry harmful consequences for both human health and the environment. The transport sector is one of the largest contributors to air pollution in towns and cities. To improve urban air quality, it is essential to reduce harmful emission from travel.

This workshop will bring together academics and policy-makers, encouraging them to discuss evidence-based solutions and policy-making at both regional and national level. Presentations will highlight potential solutions from case studies and research. A worked example in the morning session will encourage the development and sharing of transport ideas and identify any research gaps. Additionally attendees will be given the opportunity to discuss challenges they may have faced, funding streams and form new collaborations.

Discussion and presentation topics will include:

  • Vehicle technology advances
  • Traffic management systems
  • Moving away from private car ownership
  • Challenges including social justice and securing public buy-in
  • Funding opportunities


    Practical information

    This workshop is free, and is open to academics, early-career researchers, civil servants and policymakers. If you would like to attend, please register your interest. We will confirm the allocation of tickets in due course. If you would like to present at the workshop, please indicate on the sign-up form what topic you would like to cover.

    Lunch and refreshments will be provided. A full workshop schedule will follow shortly.


    Organising committee:

    • Dr Marc Stettler (Imperial College London)
    • Dr Anna Schreoder (University of Cambridge)
    • Amy Wilson (Imperial College London)
    • Dr Audrey de Nazelle (Imperial College London)
    • Alyssa Gilbert (Grantham Institute)
    • Professor Mark Burgman (Director of the Centre of Environmental Policy)
    • Dr Libbie Rumpff (University of Melbourne)

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