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The Power of Interfaces: Fundamentals for Solid State Devices

Electrochemical devices for the conversion and storage of energy are central to the development of low and zero carbon energy economies. These devices rely upon the fast transport of atomic and electronic species across the solid-solid, solid-liquid and solid-gas interfaces, depending on the type of device. The development of viable devices relies upon a having a fundamental understanding of how to engineer the structure of, and transport across, these interfaces.

“The Power of Interfaces: Fundamentals for Solid State Devices” is a collaborative workshop bringing together some of the leading academic researchers from the UK, EU, US and Japan, working in EPSRC, JSPS and EU sponsored consortia. Together with a group of eminent invited speakers, the fundamental scientific approach is complimented with an industrial perspective of device requirements by leading industrial concerns such as Ceres Power.

The conference will be held at the historic Royal Society in London and will span two days (10-11th March 2020). Anyone interested is welcome to register for a small entrance fee of £30. This provides access to the workshop for both days, including lunch and a drinks reception on the 10th. Please use the registration button to the left.

There is limited availability and tickets are first come, first served basis.

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Detailed Timetable and Abstracts

Invited Speakers

Day 1 – 10th March

“Towards a better mechanistic understanding of electrocatalytic phenomena at oxide / gas interfaces”
Jurgen Fleig

Understanding the low mobility in ZnO:Al films deposited in oxygen-rich atmospheres thanks to a new conductivity model”
David Muñoz-Rojas

“Intensified catalysis in solid-state electrochemical reactors”
José Serra

“Strategies for enhancing oxygen reduction kinetics in SOFC cathodes”
Katherine Bagarino

“Thermodynamic treatments of space-charge zones at grain boundaries in ionic solids”
Roger De Souza

“Solid Electrolytes for Batteries: Atomic-Scale Insights into Ion Conduction and Grain Boundary Effects ”
Saiful Islam

“In-situ Probing Catalyst Generation and Deactivation with Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy ”
Bilge Yildiz

Day 2 – 11th March

“Nanomaterials and interfaces for solid state energy microdevices”
Albert Tarancon

“Development of Ceres Power’s Steel Cell® technology: The revolutionary power of ceria on steel for multiple global applications”
Shubi Mukerjee

“Self-organised interfaces, crystal chemistry and oxygen mobility in mixed conductors for energy applications”
Matthew Rosseinsky

“The dynamic metal anode/solid-electrolyte interfaces in solid state batteries”
Ainara Aguadero

“Interface analysis in the scanning transmission electron microscope”
David McComb

“Interface Engineering and Understanding of Perfect Perovskites from Strongly Correlated Oxides to Ionics”
Judith Driscoll