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Join a full day of presentations and stimulating discussions with the academics, research fellows and prize-winning PhD students in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and find out about our innovative work. Don’t miss this great opportunity to engage with our academics, early career researchers and postgraduate students.

Highlighted speakers

  • Professor Matt Fuchter, Department of Chemistry – Using the combination of light and small molecules to reversibly control biology
  • Dr Agniezca Brandt-Talbot, Department of Chemistry – The role of chemical design in developing strong sustainable carbon fibres from biomass
  • Professor Emma McCoy, Department of Mathematics – The Dangers of Observational Data
  • Dr Alex Sing-Lam Tse, Department of Mathematics – Some non-standard stochastic control problems and their economic applications
  • Professor Lesley Cohen, Department of Physics – Antiferromagnets for Spintronics
  • Dr Paula Alvarez Cartelle, Department of Physics – Searching for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Professor Robert Endres, Department of Life Sciences – Where physics meets biology: insights from data-driven modelling
  • Dr Andrew Hammond, Department of Life Sciences – Gene drives for genetic control of the malaria mosquito

Please check the full programme (PDF) to learn the names of all PhD presenters at the Showcase! All poster presenters and further details about the Showcase can be found in the electronic booklet (PDF)



    10:00 – 17:00, SAF G34 (welcome coffee from 9.30 in the concourse level 1)

    Expert panel session

    17:15 – 17:45, SAFB 122 (drinks will be provided) – theme: The Plastic Challenge: Sustainable Interventions for a Healthy Planet

    Note drinks will be provided after the talks and before starting the panel session in the concourse level 1. This session will be led by Dr Arturo Castillo Castillo from the Centre for Environmental Policy.

    Panel members:

    Poster competition

    13:00 with lunch and 17:45 with a snacks and drinks reception, SAFB 119-121

    Amazing prizes will be awarded to the best student talks and poster presenters!

    Getting here