• Introduction to the workshop 
  • 10 minute presentations by invited speakers
  • Discussion on collaboration opportunities
  • Networking and refreshments

Scientific organisers

Profs Charles Coombes (CRUK Imperial Centre and CRCE) and Mauricio Barahona (EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare), and Dr Marina Evangelou (Mathematics in Medicine)

This half day workshop is open to interested researchers across Imperial College, not just maths and cancer!
Coordinated by Drs Jennifer Podesta and Chloe Stockford 

Confirmed speakers

Prof Michael Seckl – Can novel mathematical analyses of a large clinical and imaging data set aid treatment stratification?
Prof Eric Aboagye – Getting more out of medical imaging – mathematical modelling and feature extraction
Dr Holger Auner – Simultaneous monitoring of multiple systems-level processes during proteotoxic stress recovery in cancer cells
Dr Luca Magnani – Measuring phenotypic plasticity in cancer cells
Dr Ed Curry – Modelling local density of genomic features
Drs Nichola Cooper & George Adams – Do cytokine alterations in untreated Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) predict patient outcomes and response to treatment
Dr Biancastella Cereser – The association between pregnancy and breast cancer risk
Dr Nick Jones – Mitochondrial DNA mutation and Cancer
Dr Vahid Shahrezaei – Modelling and inference of stochastic gene expression using single cell data
Dr Matt Grech-Sollars – Imaging brain tumour growth using fractals and diffusion MRI
Dr Ed Cohen  Quantitative Bioimaging