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Would you like to hear more about our world-leading research? Then this event is for you!

The Research Showcase will take place on the 26th September 2018, from 9:30am, in LT1 of the Blackett Laboratory, South Kensington Campus.


Register for the Faculty of Natural Sciences Research Showcase here.


Showcasing our innovative research from across the sciences, join us for a full day of presentations and stimulating discussions with academics and prize-winning PhD students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Welcome coffee – in the Blackett Laboratory foyer

Environment and sustainability – 10:00

  • Professor Jo Haigh: Greening Imperial
  • Juan Pablo Orjuela Mendoza: Modelling personal exposure and inhaled doses of air pollution: we can do better
  • Paula Rowinska: Blowing in the Wind
  • Robbie Parks: Climate change, extreme weather, and human mortality

11:05 – Coffee break

    Synthetic biology and biotechnology – 11:20

    • Dr Karen Polizzi: Synthetic Biology Biosensors for Bioprocess Development
    • Natalie Scholes: The paradigm of Alan Turing’s pattern formation
    • Ian Yunus: Sunlight-driven biocatalytic conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals
    • Sahra St John-Campbell: Transient imine directing groups for the C(sp3)–H functionalisation of aldehydes and amines

    12:30 – Lunch and poster session (Level 8 Common Room of the Blackett Laboratory)

      Data-driven science – 13:30

      • Dr Seth Flaxman: Predictor variable prioritization for genomics, or: understanding my black box model
      • Max Eggl: How to Optimise your Mixing
      • Rosalba Garcia-Millan: Disentangling DNA
      • Erwin Luesink: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics with a pinch of SALT
      • Scott Melville: Going Beyond Experiment, Guided by Theory
      • Robbie Watt: Turning light into matter: Campaign to detect the Breit-Wheeler process

      15:05 – Coffee break

        Biomedicine – 15:20

        • Dr Chris Dunsby: Sparks, Waves, Well-plates and 3D Tissue Culture: High Speed Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy in Space and Time
        • Guled Osman: C. elegans innate immunity to a new natural oomycete pathogen
        • Sonia Rebollo Ramirez: Metabolomic approaches reveal that CRP orchestrates the increase in intracellular levels of cAMP in response to osmotic stress in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
        • Charlie Saunders: Developing a Peptide Probe for the Myosin-A : Myosin Tail Interacting Protein Interaction of Plasmodium Falciparum

        Future and emerging technologies – 16:25

        • Professor Josh Edel: Molecular tweezers for single-cell screening
        • Alexander Paige: Quantum clocks are not ideal witnesses to proper time
        • Danyal Magnus: Epidemiology of Civilian Blast Injuries Inflicted by Terrorist Bombings from 1970-2016
        • Juan Olarte Plata: A bottom-up approach for modelling colloidal materials

        Poster session and prizes – 17:30

        A drinks reception and poster session will follow at 17:30 in the Physics Common Room on Level-8 of the Blackett Laboratory. 18:30 – poster prizes announced. Amazing prizes of £1000 for best talk and £500 for best poster will be awarded!

        Download a PDF of the schedule here.


        Register for the Faculty of Natural Sciences Research Showcase here.

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