Imperial College Experimental Cancer Medicine (ECMC) centre is one of the 18 adult centres located throughout the UK that are jointly funded by CRUK and NIHR. Each ECMC centre has a unique capability and they aim to provide support for translating laboratory findings into early phase clinical trials and share knowledge and expertise throughout the network and collaborate with Industry.

Imperial College ECMC is co-led by Professor Michael Seckl and Professor Eric Aboagye and the centre’s main aims are

  • To develop technology and its application in clinical studies involving imaging, biomarkers and surgery.
  • To develop early phase trials with a focus on reversing therapy resistance in breast, ovary, haematological, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancers.

Our ECMC centre is closely aligned to Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre and Imperial College Healthcare Biomedical Research Centre.

Our ECMC team

Our support team

The team at Hammersmith campus:

  • Naina Patel, centre manager
  • Nona Rama, molecular archivist
  • Cristina Realingo, molecular archivist
  • Reema Paudel, histologist
  • Nahal Masrour, genomic analyst
  • Alexandros Siskos, metabolomic analyst
  • Georgios Nteliopoulos, circulating biomarker facility manager
  • Amelia Rushton, circulating biomarker analyst
  • Jingky Lozano-Kuehne, biostatistician
  • Philip Badman, clinical trials operations manager
  • Katherine Costelloe, data coordinator
  • Kasia Kozlowski, clinical research practitioner
  • Bhavesh Pratap, clinical trial coordinator

The team at Charing Cross campus:

  • Kelly Gleason, senior research nurse
  • Sanela Andrijac, clinical research practitioner
  • Jessica Lin, clinical trial coordinator
  • Charlotte Ion, research technician
  • Molly Gray, research technician