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Commercial Operations’ mission is to establish Imperial College as an industry-leading destination for the academic and educational vacation market.

Who we are

Commercial Operations acts as an enabler to the College strategy. It does this by:

  • generating additional, unrestricted income through the commercial booking and operation of unused College assets outside periods of core demand (Easter and summer vacation periods);
  • aligning Commercial Operations’ business with a concept of ‘Summer Learning’;
  • continuing to feed into the undergraduate student recruitment journey through our flagship Global Summer School.

By strengthening and diversifying College revenue streams, Commercial Operations has supported:

  • a reduced reliance on international and postgraduate student course fees;
  • financial stability of the College;
  • maintaining and developing Imperial as a world-class research and education environment.

Our portfolio spans guest accommodation, event spaces and a Global Summer School.

Meet the team


Ravin Rattu
Commercial Summer Lettings Development Manager

Daniela Nicosia
Group Accommodation Executive

Alejandro Tapia Hernandez
Group Accommodation Executive

Daniel Miklosko
Commercial Summer Lettings Assistant


Kim Hawley
Commercial Conferencing & Events Development Manager

Charlotte Clark
Group Events Executive

Global Summer School

Clare Whelan
Global Summer School Development Manager

Claire Arnup
Global Summer School Manager

Min Min Ei
Global Summer School Programme Executive


Zara Davidian
Business Manager

Matthew Williams
Business Support Executive 

Madeleine McEncroe
Marketing Manager

Nyiesha Wollaston
Marketing Executive (Design, Content and Communications)