As part of the annual College financial planning round future student numbers, headcount and FTE, and tuition fee income are planned in detail. The planned student numbers and tuition fee income are incorporated into the College wide financial plan. A collaborative planning tool, Hyperion Planning, is used to capture and collate the planning information.

What is Hyperion Planning?

The tool is a web based financial planning product that supports collaborative planning activities across the College using standard process and forms to guide planners and collect and consolidate data automatically. Initially Hyperion Planning will only be used to plan the student number and tuition fee income part of the planning round. The tools will be accessible to all planners in Excel using the SmartView add-in.

What are the benefits of using Hyperion Planning?

Hyperion Planning provides a standard process to plan student number and tuition income which will be used by all those involved in this part of the planning process across the College. Planners will benefit from being able to collaborate in a single planning environment with a standard process every planner will follow. The process has been designed to require as miniminal an amount of input from planners as possible. Automatic collection and aggregation of input data and calculation of output information will make the planning of student number and tuition income much faster and more efficient whilst ensuring that Departments retain ownership of the planned student FTE and tuition income.

What training will be provided?

A user manual is available with instructions on how to install SmartView and complete the student number and tuition income planning process which can be found here:

Hyperion Planning User Manual (PDF)

Hyperion Planning User Manual - Mac users (PDF)

Log in to Hyperion Planning through SmartView

For use in the Planning Round, please log in to the Production environment using the following shared connection URL: