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The bursary payment section is part of the payroll department, and is responsible for calculating and paying student bursaries, using information provided by the Registry, by departmental managers and students themselves.

Frequently asked questions: Students

I am just joining Imperial College, and have been awarded a studentship. What can I do to ensure that I am paid correctly and on time?

  1. Details of new bursaries are supplied to the bursaries office by registry and by academic departments (generally the postgraduate office).
  2. You must provide details of your bank account using the student portal on My Imperial.
  3. You must complete registration formalities as soon as possible.   You will receive an email from Registry telling you what to do.

Until these three steps have been completed, there is nothing we can do to expedite your payment. 

When is pay day?

Pay day for bursaries is normally the 7th of each month, unless this falls at a weekend in which case it is the preceding Friday.    There is sometimes a supplementary payment run in the middle of the month, to pick up transactions which have missed the main run. 

I was expecting a bursary payment this month, but haven’t received it. What should I do?

  1. Check that the person who told you that you would receive a bursary payment has followed through the process.  (See FAQ for Managers, below).  The letter or email informing you of your bursary should state the amount and the planned end date.
  2. Check that you have provided bank details through the student portal.
  3. Check your enrolment status.  This may be problematic of you are on interruption of studies or at writing-up stage of a PhD.
  4. Contact the bursary office.  It is always possible that a request for your bursary payment reached us after the processing deadline, in which case it will automatically be included in the next payment run.

Can I earn money as an employee or casual worker at the same time as receiving a bursary?

Yes, provided that paid employment does not disrupt your studies.  The recommended limit for paid work during term time is 10 hours per week, with an absolute prohibition of anything exceeding 20 hours.  Refer to the College Policy on student employment during studies. [Finance Knowledge Bank; requires College login]

I am changing my bank account. What must I do to ensure my salary is paid into my new account?

You must provide details of your bank account using the student portal on My Imperial.

Frequently asked questions: Managers

What is the mechanism for initiating or changing a student bursary?

You should complete a Bursary form [internal-only; College login required] and submit it via your department’s nominated representative in accordance with the Bursary guidance [Finance Knowledge Bank; requires College login]

My student is on long-term sick leave, maternity or interruption of studies. What must I do in relation to their bursary?

You must notify the bursary office as soon as you become aware.  Ordinarily, students are not eligible to receive tax-free bursaries in periods when they are not studying, but an exception is made for maternity leave up to six months.

Is there a standard amount for bursaries?

The RCUK standard rate for research postgraduates in London from 1 October 2022 is £18,062 per annum.   Some sponsors and faculties have higher rates.

What is the maximum I can pay to a student by way of bursary?

£27,000 a year.   See Legal and tax basis for student bursaries. [Finance Knowledge Bank; requires College login]

What account code should I use?

The majority of bursaries are funded from external sources.  A list of RCUK awards and the appropriate account codes may be found on the Finance Knowledge Bank [requires College login].


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