Getting Started

Making contact with the appropriate member of the Procurement Department is the first crucial first step to successfully participating in the Imperial purchasing process. Failure to make initial contact with the appropriate purchasing representative may jeopardise your ability to conduct business with Imperial. We strongly recommend that you contact the purchasing representative responsible for your area of business and schedule an appointment prior to visiting any of our locations as access may be denied. This will guarantee the availability of the purchasing representative and enable us to be better prepared to learn more about your company and its capabilities.

Competitive Bidding

When Imperial has a need for a supply requirement that cannot be fulfilled by an existing preferred supply agreement we will either invite competitive quotations or tenders from suppliers. The bidding method adopted will depend very much on the value of the requirement. At present competitive bids are either invited in writing or by email. However, we are in the early stages of developing a system where requests for quotations will be managed electronically via the Web through a new Imperial electronic bidding system. Thereafter it is anticipated that the majority of our requirements will be advertised on the Web for suppliers to view and express an interest in bidding.

Throughout the entire competitive bidding process, business at Imperial will be conducted in a fair, ethical and professional manner to ensure that suppliers have an opportunity to bid. The tender period for suppliers to prepare their bid shall be no less than two weeks.  Pricing and other proprietary data furnished by a supplier during the process shall remain confidential. Evaluation will be carried out against set criteria where published , or if no criteria are published, the most economically advantageous tender.  All unsuccessful vendors will also be promptly and courteously informed of the outcome. 

Imperial College London is not a body governed by public law under current definition.  As such the College does not intend to be bound by the official procurement procedures for Goods, Services or Works and will follow standard College procedures as detailed on this page.

Business Opportunities 

New suppliers can become preferred suppliers once they have developed a sound business relationship with Imperial. Please note new suppliers are discouraged from making unsolicited visits to departments.

Terms of Business

All Imperial College orders shall be placed under Imperial College London Terms and Conditions of Business ‌ ‌(June 23 pdf). 
Please note the following: 

  1. Imperial College London's payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice. Our preferred payment method is via bank transfer.  As part of Supplier set up we will request your bank details and independently verify them before set up is complete. Imperial College operates a 'no Purchase Order, no pay' policy.  Any invoices submitted without quoting an official College Purchase Order Number will be rejected and returned. 

Trading Name

“Imperial” and “Imperial College London” are trading names of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, an independent corporation whose legal status derives from a Royal Charter with Royal Charter number RC000231 and charity number X2361.


If you have any feedback on your dealings with any member of College staff or its representative on a Procurement matter which you would like to report, please contact Andy Hitchman, Head of Procurement.