Buy software

Discounted and free software is available to staff and students of Imperial College London. For details of currently available software packages and information about how to order them, visit the software for students or software for staff pages as appropriate.

For information about buying, accessing, ordering or licensing software, see our Frequently Asked Questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order software?

Many software packages are available free of charge to Imperial College London staff and students.

See our Software for staff and Software for students pages for ordering information and links to license request forms and downloads. If your software is not listed on these pages, please submit this Purchase or access existing software form.

How do I install new, or reinstall existing, software on my device?

For assistance with installing or reinstalling your software, please raise a request ticket in ASK.

Note: If you have purchased the software directly with the vendor, please ensure you have the software media and license information available.

Can I have a software licence transferred to another University member?

 Not all software licenses permit the transfer of a license, please submit this Purchase or access existing software form for further assistance.