Xiang Ao

Xiang AoAfter completing my undergraduate degree in Energy and Power Engineering, I applied for MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics with a strong interest in urban fluid dynamics and wind part. During the time of this course, I acquired in-depth knowledge and developed the skills for research and future work, including coding, fluid simulation, etc. I really enjoyed the chances of cooperating with others in group work and design projects. Besides, the humble and rigorous attitudes of professors inspired me a lot. 

Project title: Can urban fluid dynamicists learn from animal architecture?
[Supervisor: Craske, J]

Daniel Bolado Fernandez

Daniel Bolado FernandezDaniel completed his MSc in Civil Engineering in 2019. However, whilst he felt he learned a lot about various topics of Civil Engineering, he could not deepen his knowledge in Coastal and Offshore fields as much as he would have liked. Therefore, he decided to enroll in the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments. Upon completion of the MSc he expects to be able to benefit from all the practical and theoretical knowledge he acquired in the Coastal and Offshore fields and fulfil his goal of becoming an excellent engineer.

Project title: Predicting infragravity waves in the nearshore region.
[Supervisor Christou, M.]

Yuanqiaoan Cai

Yuanqiaoan CaiAfter completed my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Liverpool, I developed a keen interest in fluid mechanics. Then, I chose to enter the MSc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments to learn more about the coastal engineering field. The course allows me to acquire a wide range of knowledge and enables me to know more about how to use fluid mechanics knowledge in coastal engineering field and useful computational analysis skills. This will open up a lot of opportunities for me in the future. My areas of interest include offshore energy solutions and I am now looking forward to putting what my learnt into practice and making a contribution towards the development of offshore structure design.

Project title: Estimating extreme wave events under a finite plan area; crest heights and applied loads.
[Supervisors Swan, C.; Ma, L.]

Yichong Chen

Yichong ChenYichong completed his BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering. With a longstanding interest in fluidic technologies, he chose to become an MSc student in fluid mechanics cluster. During the one year, he has developed sound engineering judgement and lay a solid foundation of fluidic knowledge for his career. The course also allowed him to gain the experience of collaborative efforts and valuable friendship through those designs and group projects. Motivated by his MSc experience, he will pursue PhD studies in the field of micro/nano-fluidics in the next few years.

Project title: Flow network estimation using temperature data.
[Supervisor: Craske, J.]

Lei Dai

Lei DaiI completed my undergraduate degree in Energy and Power Engineering at Hohai University, China. During undergraduate studies, I had an opportunity to join a research project related to fluid dynamics. This experience arouses my interest in this field and drove me to apply for the MSc course at Imperial College London, Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environment. In this course, I learned a board range of subjects in different applications of fluid mechanics, such as wave mechanics, buoyancy-driven flow, urban fluid mechanics, etc. Numerical simulation and CFD technology are also included in this course. The most impressive part is to cooperate with industry partners and complete a practical project. In the future, I would like to further explore the field of wave mechanics and fluid loading, pursue a PhD degree, and make contributions in this field.

Project title: Wave impact loading; variations with wave shape and position. 
[Supervisors Swan, C.; Ma, L.]

Shulang Deng

Shulang DengShulang finished her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, she was interested in fluid mechanics and sustainable energies. This course has led her towards one of her goals, working in offshore renewable energies. She found ‘Energy Systems’ was one of the most enjoyable modules, and within this year, she has developed her computational skills. Her next goal will be discovering the field of wireless communication and trying to connect renewable energies, coastal environments, and offshore structures to IoT.  

Project title: Modelling heat transfer and storage in simple buildings. 
[Supervisor: Burridge, H.C.]

Lingxue Dong

Lingxue DongAfter finishing the bachelor of Energy Engineering in the United States, I decided to come to the United Kingdom for MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics in Coastal, Offshore and Built Environment. I’m interested in sustainable energy, especially the offshore wind. This course enables me to know more about how to use fluid mechanics knowledge in energy field and advanced computational analysis skills. My research project is about energy storage platform design, which is more about thermodynamics and it is not the option on the list. After graduation, I plan to have my second MSc Finance for my future career plan, which is to have my own business that focus on sustainable energy financial products consultancy.

Project title: Energy storage.
[Supervisors: Hughes, G.Burridge, H.C.]

Tammo Dukker

Tammo DukkerTammo has always had a broad range of interests and thus he thoroughly enjoys multidisciplinary approaches. He completed his bachelor at University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands where he majored in Maths & Physics. During an exchange to the National University of Singapore he had the opportunity to take Fluid Mechanics and he fell in love with its strong mathematical backbone and wide applicability. This inspired him to pursue the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built environment at Imperial. The course has provided him a strong foundation and he hopes to apply the knowledge obtained in the masters degree to help solve the world’s energy & water problems. His particular fields of interest are computational fluid dynamics, coastal engineering and offshore renewables.

Project title: Modelling coastal flooding under extreme events.
[Supervisor: Karmpadakis, I.]

Washif Haque

Washif HaqueWashif completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Cardiff University. In the first years of his degree, Washif developed an interest in the subject of Fluid Mechanics and was fascinated by the study and application of fluids in the real world. This motivated him to pursue an MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Enviornments from Imperial College London. Through the MSc, Washif gained fresh appreciation for Coastal Engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics and was also able to obtain a more in-depth understanding of these topics through his Research Project. Additionally, Washif thoroughly enjoyed the group related work as it gave an understanding of the day-to-day challenges of a Fluids Engineer in industry. The MSc has definitely opened up exciting opportunities for Washif as he now looks forward to a graduate scheme in the UK.   

Project title: Wave interaction with porous coastal structures.
[Supervisors: Karmpadakis, I.; Ma, L.]

Alfie Hewetson

Alfie Hewetson

After studying at Swansea University for 4 years in the civil engineering program, with an initial foundation year. I had already done several modules in fluid mechanics and coastal engineering and had a particular interest within this area of study. During this course I have really enjoyed the computational analysis side, which has featured heavily throughout the coursework. My current research project is in wave attenuation from coastal ecosystems and I hope to continue work in this field. 

Project title: Coastal ecosystem dynamics affected by climate change feedbacks. 
[Supervisor: Mashayek, A.]

Noel Howell

Noel HowellTransferring his skills from mathematics to the world of engineering was a natural choice for Noel. Noel feels that fluid mechanics combines the best features of mathematics with those of environmental engineering. The variety of projects that Noel has worked on at Imperial has improved his ability to adapt to working on different areas of engineering. In particular, he enjoys the mathematical modelling of coastal processes and fluid loading. He also loved working with people from different backgrounds.  Once completing his masters studies he plans on beginning his career in engineering.

Project title: Resolving the differences between Lagrangian and Eulerian water surface elevation measurements in coastal waters.
[Supervisor: Karmpadakis, I.]

Zhouran Huang

Zhouran HuangZhouran completed his undergraduate degree in civil engineering in Taiwan. The keen interest in the hydrology led him to further study in MSc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments in imperial. This course pushed him to understand the knowledge of fluid mechanics and create the chance to apply that, particularly in the design project. Besides, during this year study, he improved communication and coordination ability in the group works and data analysis skills by completing coursework. Zhouran now has one occupation in China and will use the knowledge and skills he obtained in his work.

Project title: Modelling energy dissipation in breaking waves. 
[Supervisor Christou, M.]

Chong Liu

Chong Liu

Chong has long been interested about clean energy and environment. He started from Energy and Power Engineering in his bachelor degree in China. Within four years study on engineering thermodynamics, engineering fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and so on. He decided to continue his study in UK and enrolled on the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics at Imperial College. During this course, he was challenged with the well selected course, and he was able to work on real engineering based work under the guidance of experts. With a better understanding of what he has learnt in this busy year, Chong is now looking forward to putting into practice about fluid and environment and making a contribution towards the low carbon emission in industry. Aiming at providing a better living environment. 

Project title: Solar thermal receiver convection dynamics I.
[Supervisors: Hughes, G.; Ma, L.]

Ioanna Mandelia

Ioanna MandeliaIoanna completed her MEng degree in Civil Engineering specialized in dynamic analysis. She finished her internship and she was working as a civil engineer for 2 years when she decided  to enter the MSc Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments in order to obtain deep understanding in structure interaction with the fluid mechanics area . This MSc course allowed her to expand her knowledge, to increase her research and computational skills and to promote her teamwork spirit and her experience through advanced design projects. After graduation, Ioanna is looking towards implementing the knowledge and engaging into specialized projects in the competitive engineering industry.

Project title: Quantifying urban heterogeneity in London and its effect on the urban microclimate.
[Supervisor: van Reeuwijk, M.]

Georgios Markopoulos-Sarikas

Georgios Markopoulos-SarikasHaving obtained a Meng in Civil Engineering and specialised in Hydraulic Engineering, Georgios decided to deepen and widen his knowledge on fluid mechanics. That led him to join the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments. During this programme he enriched his understanding of fluid mechanics and developed his computational and modelling skills. Foremost, he was highly intrigued by the designing of offshore and coastal renewable energy resources. Therefore, after graduating, he is looking to combine all his knowledge and work further in that field.

Project title: Long-term distribution of extreme crest heights; predictions based upon field data.
[Supervisors: Karmpadakis, I.; Swan, C.]

Ferney Sandoval Sanchez

Ferney Sandoval SanchezFerney completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, with a strong interest in the water resources field. After one year of working in the Engineering Consultancy sector as an Assistant Engineer, Ferney understood deeply the potential and gaps regard to the water resources and generally the fluid mechanics in the nearly future of civil engineering industry. Hence, he decided to pursue his ambition of a career in this field and enrolled on the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built environments.  This course allowed him to acquired knowledge about coastal engineering, sustainable energy, air quality, etc. and enhance his computational and numerical skills in order to solve complex real-life problems. Ferney is now looking forward to putting into practice what he has learnt.
Project title: Simulation of beaching Microplastics in the near-shore zone 
[Supervisor: van Reeuwijk, M.]

Joanne Steiner 

Joanne SteinerAfter studying general physics, mathematics and electrical engineering, Joanne wanted to discover something quite different and study in a foreign country. Interested in fluid mechanics and its applications in industry, she started the Msc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments. This Msc gives her a good overview of fluid mechanics and makes her use her knowledge in industrial applications through different projects. Her long-term career project is to work on renewable energies in the field of fluid mechanics. In the short term, she will start an experimental PhD on the theme of erosion and vortices in order to acquire different skills and face a new challenge.

Project title: Slam loading: the effective prediction of extreme loading events. 
[Supervisors Swan, C.; Ma, L.]

Shuguo Sun

Shuguo SunShuguo completed his four years undergraduate degree in Built Environment and energy application. He wants to learn more about the knowledge in built environment and also extend his knowledge. He chose to enter into the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments to acquire the tools necessary for applying the basic knowledge of fluid mechanics into different fields like offshore wind energy and building ventilatio. Shuguo is now looking forward to putting into practice what he has learnt and also trying to gain a chance to continue studying as a phd. student. His main areas of interest are building ventilation, sustainable building control system and green building.

Project title: A numerical study of the draining of dense fluid.
[Supervisor: Burridge, H.C]

Chenduo Wang

Chenduo WangI completed my undergraduate degree in ocean oil and gas engineering and particularly my direction is in designing offshore oil platform. I was very interesting in how offshore environment influence the structure in the ocean and optimization in engineering so I chose this MSc course hoping to expand my knowledge and skills. The Air-sea interaction dynamics course enriched my understanding about offshore environment and the computational analysis course gave me useful knowledge about optimization and the physics of the fluid. I am planning to find a relevant job back in China, I hope one day I could continue my journey in college and pursuing more knowledge to better understand this world. 

Project title: Optimal contaminant transport over flow networks. 
[Supervisor: Craske, J.]

Mengqi (Carey) Wang

Mengqi (Carey) WangCarey completed her BEnv in Engineering Systems in Australia. With a passion for hydrodynamics, she decided to further study an MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments. Participating in Imperial’s programme not only extends her knowledge across subjects, but also enables her to access computational modelling at the forefront of research. It has inspired her to do the thesis project on investigating the mechanism of fluid motion by numerical simulations. After graduation, Carey would like to be a hydraulic engineer and pursue a career in the construction industry.

Project title: Nonlinear wave-wave interaction due to flow over topography.
[Supervisor: Mashayek, A.]

Wenqian Wang

Wenqian WangWenqian ompleted her undergraduate degree in Ocean Technology. When she took the course about marine resources utilization, she realized a promising prospect of renewable energy,eg. tidal energy and offshore wind energy. Her areas of interest include evaluating the failure risks of offshore infrastructure, calculating energy capital regarding to different location and turbine settings,and also how sediment transport impacts on coastal environment. She chose to enter into the MSc in Fluid mechanics for the offshore, coastal and built environments to acquire theoretical knowledge,computational tools and experimental experience. After graduation, she would like to make a contribution towards a more eco-friendly and high energy efficiency society.

Project title: Visualisation of shallow water flows.
[Supervisors: Hughes, G.Christou, M.]

Yunong Wang

Yunong WangYunong Wang finished his undergraduate with a degree in ‘Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering’ in China. His strong interest in ocean engineering motivates him to enter to the Msc course ‘Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environment’. This Msc course enables him to have a deep understanding of the principle and applications of fluid mechanics in ocean engineering, and also exposes him to some practical tools of processing and analysing data. His main interest is on ‘air-sea momentum transfer between ocean and atmosphere’. After finishing this Msc course, he has decided to continue phd study and do more research in his interest area.

Project title: How is the momentum flux from the wind to the upper ocean partitioned between the surface current and the surface wave field? 
[Supervisor: Callaghan, A.]

Jiaming Yin

Jiaming YinJiaming completed his BEng degree in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, with a strong interest in offshore structures such as wind turbines and floating breakwaters. He chose to enter into the MSc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environment to learn more about hydrodynamic designs for offshore structures. During his experience, CFD as the most attractive course made him capable to create and analyze the simple models of offshore structures with the knowledge related to fluid mechanics. Besides, he has benefited a lot in the process of teamwork. Jiaming is now looking forward to playing his role in offshore industry by the combination of practical application and theoretical knowledge.

Project title: Efficient simulations of crest elevation and wave height statistics.
[Supervisor: Christou, M.]

Cheng Zhang

Cheng ZhangCheng Zhang has interest in waves performance on offshore structures. She graduated with naval architecture and ocean engineering bachelor’s degree and decided to continue her MSc study in ocean waves that relevant to offshore fluid mechanics. This course allows her to complement the background of seakeeping with wave mechanics. The stability of offshore structure is vital for normal construction and operation. Now she is doing the research about wave breaking whitecaps coverage for Atlantic Oceans and she’s going to apply what she has learnt to offshore ocean engineering structures in future.

Project title: Using a parametric wave energy dissipation model to estimate surface wave breaking coverage over the global oceans. 
[Supervisor: Callaghan, A.]

Yixiao Zhang

Yixiao ZhangYixiao completed his undergraduate degree in Architectural Environment Engineering, with a strong interest in HVAC design. He determined to enrol in the MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments in order to learn more about Natural Ventilation that has great potential in reducing building energy consumption. In addition, he is attracted by the CFD course which allows people to visualise the performance of HVAC design. He is now looking forward to putting what he has learnt into practice and making contributions to the field of Built Environment. His areas of interest are HVAC design, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Green Building design. 

Project title: Reinforcement learning for building control systems.
[Supervisor: Craske, J.]

Zhishuo Zhang

Zhishuo ZhangZhishuo completed his undergraduate degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. For the purpose of developing his understanding of engineering in fluid mechanics, he decided to study in MSc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Costal and Built Environment.  He would like to say that amount of fluid mechanics knowledge have been taught and applied to various of engineering problems during this year, including interaction between waves and artificial structures, effects of flow on people inside or outside a building, etc. And he discovered his interests on atmospheric flow that is significant for many engineering projects such as wind farms and high rise buildings. Hence, he chose the research project which is about the behaviour of stratified flow blowing through a high-rise building located in an urban area.    

Project title: Simulating high rise buildings in a stably stratified atmosphere. 
[Supervisor: van Reeuwijk, M.]