Air entrainment in wind-induced breaking water waves

Started: Oct 2018
Supervisor: Callaghan, A.

Description of Research

Wave breaking at the ocean surface is a ubiquitous process across the global oceans and seas. Breaking waves are a significant source of turbulence to the ocean boundary layer where they enhance mixing in the upper ocean. Due to practical constraints, the majority of laboratory investigations of breaking waves typically do not examine the direct effects of wind forcing. This project, however, will use state-of-the art wave-making and wind-generating facilities in the hydrodynamics laboratory at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London, to examine the relationship between breaking wave energy dissipation, air entrainment and whitecap foam evolution of wind-forced breaking waves. 


Rui obtained his Masters degree in Engineering Fluid Mechanics with Distinction from Imperial College London.

Rui CaoPhD Candidate - Fluid Mechanics 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Imperial College London SW7 2AZ