Take at look at all our catering outlets across the South Kensington, Hammersmith and Charing Cross campuses. 

Cashless trial complete - thank you for your feedback

We received 50 feedback responses on the cashless trial, which took place in 8 catering outlets between December 2017 and February 2018. 88% of the students and staff we heard from were not in favour of a fully cashless operation in outlets. The majority of feedback on the trial was: 

  • A fully cashless service does not offer the freedom to choose how to pay 
  • Card payments using non-UK bank accounts may attract a charge on every transaction 
  • There is a preference amongst some students and staff to use cash to more easily keep to a weekly spending budget 
  • There was a perception that Yoyo payments take too long 
  • It was felt that queue times have not visibly reduced 
  • It is inconvenient and unnecessary not to accept cash outright 

We have considered this feedback very carefully and can confirm: 

  1. A fully cashless service will not be rolled out across all outlets 
  2. The outlets involved in the trial will remain cashless as standard with the exception of the Senior Common Room Restaurant and the H-Bar Cafe due to their comparatively high usage 
  3. We will have one 'cash only' till available in the Senior Common Room Restaurant and the H-Bar Cafe during peak times 

Hammersmith and Charing Cross

Wolfson restaurant


The Hammersmith campus has three catering outlets Ex Libris Café and MRC Café that offer a range of dining options from teas, coffees and snacks to freshly prepared hot lunches. Find out more about what each outlet offers by clicking on the links below:

Reynolds Café

Charing Cross

Staff, students and visitors to our Charing Cross campus can make use of our onsite café Reynolds, which serves hot and cold drinks, snacks, confectionary, sanwiches and salads. Click on the link below to find out more about Reynolds café: