The Fuchter Group use expertise in chemical synthesis to impact molecular science in chemistry, biology and materials

Latest News

  • Our latest paper with Grace Han (Brandeis) on the materials science of photoswitches is now online in JACS.
  • Matt was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's 2021 Corday Morgan Prize.
  • We are having a bumper year for PhD graduates. So far, Kanut, Raymond, Francesco and Ollie have all successfully completed their PhDs. Well done!
  • Our perpsective on the chiroptical responses of molecules/materials and how to improve them is out now in Chem Sci.
  • We have published an array of exciting recent chiral materials papers. Check them out.
  • Matt was interviewed for the RSC magazine Chemistry World.
  • Matt gave his inaugural lecture in January 2020. You can view the lecture on YouTube.