Group Leader

Professor Matthew Fuchter

Brief Biography:
Matthew Fuchter is a Professor of Chemistry, co-Director of the Centre for Drug Discovery Science and co-Director of the MRes in Drug Discovery in the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London. He is also a Founder, NED and the chemistry lead for NK:IO Ltd. Beyond this, he is the UK representative to the EuCheMS Division of Organic Chemistry, a Theme Champion for the Emerging Technologies Theme of the Centre for Processable Electronics, and an Editorial Board Member for the journals RSC Medicinal Chemistry (formally MedChemComm) and Chirality. He was formally a member of the Organic Division Council of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and an Associate Editor of RSC Medicinal Chemistry. He is involved in multiple multidisciplinary centres of excellence at Imperial including the Institute of Chemical Biology, the Imperial College Network of Excellence in Malaria, the Cancer Research Centre of Excellence, the Antimicrobial Research Collaborative, the Centre for Processable Electronics and the London Centre for Nanotechnology.

Dr Matt Fuchter

He completed PhD research under the supervision of Professor A. G. M. Barrett, FRS FMedSci and postdoctoral studies at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia, where he worked with Professor A. B. Holmes, FRS. Prior to his position at Imperial College he was the RCUK Academic Fellow at the School of Pharmacy (University of London). He returned to Imperial College in July 2008 as a Lecturer in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in July 2012, Reader in September 2015 and Professor in September 2018.

Professor Fuchter has been awarded a number of prizes in recognition of his work. These include the RSC Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize (2014), 2nd prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia (2015), conferred by the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC), a 2017 Imperial College President’s Excellence in Research Award and a President’s Medal (together with Professors Tony Barrett, Charles Coombes and Simak Ali) for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the 2018 Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award for Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, a Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom (2020), conferred by the Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences, the RSC Corday-Morgan Prize (2021), and a RSC 2022 Materials Chemistry Division Horizon Prize: Stephanie L Kwolek Award.

For more details see his personal web page.

The group

Fuchter group members

PhD students

Postdoctoral co-workers

Imperial College Research Fellow

  • Jamie Lewis

MRes students

  • Rachel Lambert – Target validation of SIRT2
  • Dominika Daremiak – Targeting metabolism in renal cell carcinoma
  • Suyuan Tao – New approaches to PROTACs
  • Zichen Zhang – Photopharmacology
  • Jia Jia Luo – Photopharmacology
  • Renu Jose – Photodetectors for circularly polarised light

Other co-workers affiliated with the group

  • Nadia Hoyas Perez (PhD), Lewis lab – Supramolecular chemistry
  • Theodora Constantin (PhD), Bevan lab – Prostate cancer 
  • Zoe Heckhausen (PhD), Hajkova lab – DNA methylation in development


Previous group members

Katie Addison (PhD)

Nathan Allcock (PhD)

Ollie Bardell-Cox (PhD)

Matthias Baud (PhD)

Jochen Brandt (PDRA)

Joachim Caron (PDRA)

Thomas Chavas (PhD)

Fanny Cherblanc (PhD)

Hannah Cook (PhD)

Rosenildo da Costa (PDRA)

Rob Davidson (PhD, PDRA)

Paolo Di Fruscia (PhD)

Ornella Di Pietro (PDRA)

Luíza dos Reis Cruz (PhD)

Séan Ryan (PDRA)

Melis Ekinci (PhD)

Nina Forkel (PhD)

Robert Heinze (PDRA)

Dilraj Judge (PhD)

Fu-Howe Lee (PhD)

Emily Leonidou (PhD/PDRA)

Jean-Noël Levy (PhD/PDRA)

Alexandra Lubin (PhD)

Dan Mercea (PhD)

Kate Montgomery (PhD)

Thomas Moss (PDRA)

Anne Neumann (PhD)

Rob Richardson (PDRA)

James Rushworth (PhD)

Francesco Salerno (PhD)

Daniel Scott (PhD)

Nitipol Srimongkolpithak (PhD)

Sandeep Sundriyal (PDRA)

Kanut Tangsangasaksri (PhD)

Nicole Trainor (PhD)

Angela Udemba (PhD)

Amaia Uriz Huarte (PhD)

Jessica Wade (PDRA)

Li Wan (PhD)

Marko Weimar (PDRA)

Claire Weston (PhD/PDRA)

Harry Whitwell (PDRA)

Ying Yang (PDRA)

Ainoa Rueda Zubiaurre (PDRA)

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