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  • Journal article
    Edwards DH, Zdravkovic L, Potts DM, 2005,

    Depth factors for undrained bearing capacity

    , GEOTECHNIQUE, Vol: 55, Pages: 755-758, ISSN: 0016-8505
  • Journal article
    Shin JH, Potts DM, Zdravkovic L, 2005,

    The effect of pore-water pressure on NATM tunnel linings in decomposed granite soil

    , CANADIAN GEOTECHNICAL JOURNAL, Vol: 42, Pages: 1585-1599, ISSN: 0008-3674
  • Journal article
    Saldivar EE, Jardine RJ, 2005,

    Application of an effective stress design method to concrete piles driven in Mexico City clay

    , CANADIAN GEOTECHNICAL JOURNAL, Vol: 42, Pages: 1495-1508, ISSN: 0008-3674
  • Journal article
    Collins GS, Wunnemann K, 2005,

    How big was the Chesapeake Bay impact? Insight from numerical modeling

    , GEOLOGY, Vol: 33, Pages: 925-928, ISSN: 0091-7613
  • Journal article
    Jackson C, Stoddart D, 2005,

    Temporal constraints on the growth and decay of large-scale mobilized mud masses and implications for fluid flow mapping in sedimentary basins

    , TERRA NOVA, Vol: 17, Pages: 580-585, ISSN: 0954-4879
  • Conference paper
    Lade PV, Jardine RJ, Shibuya S, 2005,

    Technical session 1a: Laboratory testing (I): Fundamental properties

    , Pages: 3143-3144

    The framework of critical state soil mechanics is still useful. Much of the contributed papers to Session la deal with the reality of natural soil behaviour by examining it against this yardstick. Modeling soil behaviour by considering effects of natural structure, viscosity, stress-strain non-linearity at small strains, etc may be urgently needed. In so doing, the capability of predicting deformation behaviour of natural ground will be greatly enhanced.

  • Conference paper
    Takahashi A, Fung DWH, Jardine RJ, 2005,

    Swelling effects on mechanical behaviour of natural London Clay

    , Pages: 443-446

    This paper reports a study into the potential effects of swelling on destructuration of a natural London Clay. Preliminary results are presented from a conventional direct shear tests conducted under a constant height condition. These suggest that the changes in soil structure induced by one-dimensional swelling affect global stiffness behaviour more than the peak shear strengths.

  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Standing JR, Kovacevic N, 2005,

    Lessons learned from full scale observations and the practical application of advanced testing and modelling

    , Pages: 201-245

    Field observations from thirteen recent case histories from the UK and France are described which are used to assess an approach for predicting ground movements and soil-structure interaction. High quality site investigations, including very careful sampling and advanced testing are seen to be crucial to success. Providing there are adequate geotechnical data, the non-linear FE predictive approach advocated by the Authors is shown to be sufficient for most engineering purposes, considering typical project time scales. Factors that merit particular attention include: the geological model; sampling and testing quality; anisotropy and pressure dependency; a fully non-linear modelling approach; addressing behaviour from very small to large strains; the 'structure' of natural and artificial geomaterials; the possibility of brittle failure; three dimensional geometry and construction details; permeability and groundwater variations. It is shown, however, that the present approach does not capture some important long term effects of time, creep and ageing. Comments are also made on the use of such advanced techniques in combination with an 'observational approach', and on pos-sible avenues for further research and development. © 2005 Taylor & Francis Group.

  • Journal article
    Lollino P, Cotecchia F, Zdravkovic L, Potts DMet al., 2005,

    Numerical analysis and monitoring of Pappadai dam

    , CANADIAN GEOTECHNICAL JOURNAL, Vol: 42, Pages: 1631-1643, ISSN: 0008-3674
  • Conference paper
    Zdravkovic L, Potts DM, 2005,

    Parametric finite element analyses of suction anchors

    , Pages: 297-302

    This paper presents the results from a series of three-dimensional (3D) finite element parametric studies on suction anchors in clay. The objective is to investigate the effects of a number of factors on the pull out capacity of suction anchors, namely the position of the attachment point, inclination of the pull out force and anchor geometry. A typical soft clay was considered as the seabed soil and it was simulated using a form of the modified Cam clay model. The results identify the optimum position of the anchoring point, as well as the optimum inclination of the pull out force. © 2005 Taylor & Francis Group.

  • Journal article
    Zdravkovic L, Potts DM, St John HD, 2005,

    Modelling of a 3D excavation in finite element analysis

    , GEOTECHNIQUE, Vol: 55, Pages: 497-513, ISSN: 0016-8505
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Standing JR, Chow FC, 2005,

    Field research into the effects of time on the shaft capacity of piles driven in sand

    , International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, Publisher: Taylor and Francis, Pages: 705-710
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Chow FC, Standing JR, Overy RF, Saldivar-Moguel E, Strick van Linschoten C, Ridgway Aet al., 2005,

    An updated assessment of the ICP pile capacity procedures

    , International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, Publisher: Taylor and Francis, Pages: 691-704
  • Journal article
    Goes S, Simons FJ, Yoshizawa K, 2005,

    Seismic constraints on temperature of the Australian uppermost mantle

    , EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol: 236, Pages: 227-237, ISSN: 0012-821X
  • Journal article
    Jardine RJ, Nishimura S, 2005,

    Practical experience with an experimentally based approach to non-linear modelling of the ground’s response to loading and soil-structure interaction.

    , Kiso-ko (Foundation Engineering), Vol: 33, Pages: 17-21, ISSN: 0285-5356
  • Journal article
    Jackson MD, Valvatne PH, Blunt MJ, 2005,

    Prediction of wettability variation within an oil/water transition zone and its impact on production

    , SPE JOURNAL, Vol: 10, Pages: 184-195, ISSN: 1086-055X
  • Journal article
    Collins GS, Melosh HJ, Marcus RA, 2005,

    Earth Impact Effects Program: A Web-based computer program for calculating the regional environmental consequences of a meteoroid impact on Earth

    , Meteoritics & Planetary Science, Vol: 40, Pages: 817-840, ISSN: 1086-9379
  • Journal article
    Wells MR, Allison PA, Piggott MD, Pain CC, Hampson GJ, De Oliveira CREet al., 2005,

    Large sea, small tides: the Late Carboniferous seaway of NW Europe

    , JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, Vol: 162, Pages: 417-420, ISSN: 0016-7649
  • Journal article
    Cammarano F, Goes S, Deuss A, Giardini Det al., 2005,

    Is a pyrolitic adiabatic mantle compatible with seismic data?

    , EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol: 232, Pages: 227-243, ISSN: 0012-821X
  • Journal article
    Jackson CAL, Gawthorpe RL, Carr ID, Sharp IRet al., 2005,

    Normal faulting as a control on the stratigraphic development of shallow marine syn-rift sequences: the Nukhul and Lower Rudeis Formations, Hammam Faraun fault block, Suez Rift, Egypt

    , SEDIMENTOLOGY, Vol: 52, Pages: 313-338, ISSN: 0037-0746

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