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  • Journal article
    Liu JG, Black A, Lee H, Hanaizumi H, Moore JMet al., 2001,

    Land surface change detection in a desert area in Algeria using multi-temporal ERS SAR coherence images

    , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, Vol: 22, Pages: 2463-2477, ISSN: 0143-1161
  • Journal article
    Budd CJ, Piggott MD, 2001,

    The geometric integration of scale-invariant ordinary and partial differential equations

  • Journal article
    Zdravkovic L, Potts DM, Jardine RJ, 2001,

    A parametric study of the pull-out capacity of bucket foundations in soft clay

    , GEOTECHNIQUE, Vol: 51, Pages: 55-67, ISSN: 0016-8505
  • Journal article
    Zdravkovic L, Jardine RJ, 2001,

    The effect on anisotropy of rotating the principal stress axes during consolidation

    , GEOTECHNIQUE, Vol: 51, Pages: 69-83, ISSN: 0016-8505
  • Journal article
    Lee H, Liu JG, 2001,

    Analysis of topographic decorrelation in SAR interferometry using ratio coherence imagery

  • Book chapter
    Higgins KG, Patterson J, Moriarty J, Potts DM, Jardine RJet al., 2001,

    CIRIA special publication 199. The effect of an excavation in a stiff fissured clay on existing tunnels in close proximity

    , Publisher: CIRIA, Pages: 313-324
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Standing JR, Jardine FM, Bond AJ, Parker Eet al., 2001,

    A competition to assess the reliability of pile prediction methods

    , Rotterdam, 15th international conference on soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, Istanbul, Turkey, Publisher: A A Balkema Publishers, Pages: 911-914
  • Book chapter
    Yoshida S, Jackson MD, Johnson HD, Muggeridge AH, Martinius AWet al., 2001,

    Outcrop studies of tidal sandstones for reservoir characterization (Lower Cretaceous Vectis formation, Isle of Wight, Southern England)

    , Editors: Martinsen, Dreyer, Publisher: Elsevier, Pages: 233-258, ISBN: 9780444502414
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Kovacevic N, Hoyle M, Sidhu A, Letty Aet al., 2001,

    A study of eccentric jack-up penetration into infilled footprint craters

    , Proceedings of the City University jack-up conference, London
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Kuwano R, Zdravkovic L, Thornton Cet al., 2001,

    Some fundamental aspects of the pre-failure behaviour of granular soils

    , 2nd International Symposium on Pre-Failure Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials, Publisher: A A BALKEMA PUBLISHERS, Pages: 1077-1111
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, 2001,

    Effective stress design of driven piles aided by in-situ cone penetration testing

    , Conferenze di Geotecnica di Torino. CGT 2001
  • Conference paper
    Potts DM, Zdravkovic L, 2001,

    Prediction and reality in geotechnical practice

    , Computer methods and advances in geomechanics, Publisher: A A Balkema, Pages: 57-66
  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Kuwano R, Zdravkovic L, Thornton Cet al., 2001,

    Some fundamental aspects of the pre-failure behaviour of granular soils

    , Lisse, 2nd international symposium on pre-failure behaviour of geomaterials, IS - Torino, Publisher: Swets & Zeitlinger, Pages: 1077-1113
  • Journal article
    Goes S, Loohuis JJP, Wortel MJR, Govers Ret al., 2000,

    The effect of plate stresses and shallow mantle temperatures on tectonics of northwestern Europe

    , GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE, Vol: 27, Pages: 23-38, ISSN: 0921-8181
  • Journal article
    Röhm AHE, Snieder R, Goes S, Trampert Jet al., 2000,

    Thermal structure of continental upper mantle inferred from <i>S</i>-wave velocity and surface heat flow

    , EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol: 181, Pages: 395-407, ISSN: 0012-821X
  • Conference paper
    Mason PJ, Rosenbaum MS, Moore JM, 2000,

    Predicting future landslides using remotely sensed imagery: the Langhe Hills in Piemonte, NW Italy.

    , 8th International Symposium on Landslides

    Existing landslides in the Langhe Hills, NW Italy, have been identified using digital remotelysensed imagery on the basis of their textural and spectral characteristics. Landsat ThematicMapper and multi-temporal SPOT Panchromatic images reveal landslides produced by a stormevent which occurred in 1994, on the basis of key soil properties. High clay content in the soilsand weathered rock profile enhances moisture retention, particularly in hollows and on concaveslopes. Soil moisture assumes the role of a conditioning factor, alongside smectite and ironoxideswhich have been leached from the rocks, and facilitated by groundwater flow throughfractures. Digital images, produced from Landsat TM, representing hydrated mineral (clay), ironoxideand soil moisture content have enabled identification of areas where conditioning factorsare present.

  • Journal article
    Goes S, Govers R, Vacher P, 2000,

    Shallow mantle temperatures under Europe from P and S wave tomography

    , JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH, Vol: 105, Pages: 11153-11169, ISSN: 2169-9313
  • Journal article
    Zdravkovic L, Jardine RJ, 2000,

    Undrained anisotropy of <i>K</i><sub>0</sub>-consolidated silt

    , CANADIAN GEOTECHNICAL JOURNAL, Vol: 37, Pages: 178-200, ISSN: 0008-3674
  • Journal article
    Kreemer C, Holt WE, Goes S, Govers Ret al., 2000,

    Active deformation in eastern Indonesia and the Philippines from GPS and seismicity data

    , JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH, Vol: 105, Pages: 663-680, ISSN: 2169-9313
  • Conference paper
    McMoore, JMcM, Mason P, Atkinson M, Whiteside AM, Davies AM, Liu JG, Zhao Let al., 2000,

    Applied tectonic geomorphology around the Tarim basin, Xinjiang, China using combined digital elevation modelling and enhanced imagery

    , Fourteenth Thematic Conference on Geologic Remote Sensing, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 6-9 November, 2000, Pages: 289-296

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