Our research has resulted in the development of an extensive set of software tools which are being used as the basis for further research.

Functionality includes:

Geometric modelling

  • Import/export of CAD models in standard exchange formats
  • Modelling for CAD/CAM using NURBS
    • creation of NURBS surfacesGeometric Modelling
    • merging, splitting, reparameterisation
    • tesselation: adaptive sampling and linear interpolation
    • curvature analysis
    • surface fairing
  • Triangulation of large data sets (2D and 3D)

CAD based measurement of free-form shapes

  • CAD based measurement planning
    • contact measurement using CMM equipped with touch probeCAD based measurement of free-form shapes
    • non-contact measurement using laser triangulation probes
  • Robust and efficient registration (alignment) of the measured data and the CAD model
  • Error analysis and visualisation
  • Probe radius compensation for contact probes
  • Simulation of the measurement process
  • Automatic programming of the CMM

Smooth surface reconstruction

Highly efficient and robust methods for fitting NURBS surfaces to point dataSmooth surface reconstruction

  • tolerance based fitting
  • handles ordered and unordered data
  • automatic UV parameterisation
  • ability to ignore unmeasured areas
  • constrained fitting
  • outlier removal
  • integration with major 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software

Advanced geometric techniques

  • Computation of thickness for CAD models
  • Medial Axis construction
  • Implicit models using Set Level and Fast Marching methods

Advanced geometric techniques

Research Collaboration

The research is largely conducted through collaborative programmes with the UK and European industry, with support from EPSRC and the European Commission.

Industrial partners include:

  • Astrium/EADS
  • Alcatel Microelectronics
  • Avio
  • Renishaw
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Siemens VDO