The MAGIC seminar is running in person this term.

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To post a new talk, click the “+” icon on the bottom right of the calendar and login to Google Calendar as If you don’t know the password ask Richard Thomas


Invite speakers!

If there’s someone you want to speak in the seminar, or if an excellent potential speaker might be passing through London, pencil their name into the calendar (perhaps with a question mark until they are confirmed) so that the slot doesn’t get double booked. You can always remove them later.

Or give a talk yourself...
This experimental seminar is meant to be self-running, so please do edit the calendar.

Talks should usually aim to be around an hour long. With constant questioning in an informal atmosphere this will no doubt stretch a bit longer. Occasionally people will have 2 hour talks, but this is not really in the spirit of the seminar as then we don’t have time to interrupt or question the speaker, and we’ll all end up losing the thread and being miserable.