TAKTIC: Topology and Knot Theory at Imperial College

TAKTIC is a seminar intended for PhD students and postdocs interested in low-dimensional topology and related topics, but you can come whoever you are – we won't judge. Our seminars tend to be friendly and informal and we ask "stupid questions" all the time. In fact the main aim of our meetings is to understand new Maths.

TAKTIC will meet weekly during the 2016 spring term according to the following schedule:

Fridays, Huxley Building, Room 642
15:00-15:45 Reading club on Reidemeister torsion (following Nicolaescu's notes)
15:50-16:50 TAKTIC seminar

If you have any comments/suggestions/interpretations for our seminar name, want to suggest a speaker or want to take part in any way in the life of our seminar, please contact Marco (m.marengon13@imperial.ac.uk) or Tom (t.hockenhull13@imperial.ac.uk). To subscribe to our mailing list please click here.

If you are interested in the history of our seminar, you can find the archive of previous TAKTIC events here.