The Grand Challenges initiative encourages and supports collaborative workshops on topics relevant to ecosystems and the environment. We are particularly interested to engage researchers with broader society and across disciplines, to generate new insights and ideas about how best to address the Grand Challenges themes, and to promote real-world impact as well as generating new collaborative research programmes. 

We welcome proposals from researchers and implementers working in the GCEE areas to hold their own self-funded workshops or short courses at Silwood Park, or to collaborate in seeking funding for workshops. For workshops and events relating to our core themes, we offer free-of-charge administrative support and use of rooms and facilities, and use of catering and accommodation at cost. Please download our Workshop Information Sheet for logistical information, and contact for more information.


Since the launch event in October 2013, GCEE has hosted a range of workshops and public outreach events.

To find out more and to get involved, see the links below.