Angeliki Grammatikopoulou

Angeliki Grammatikopoulou Angeliki Grammatikopoulou undertook the MSc in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology in 1998-1999. She then joined the research group of the Soil Mechanics Section at Imperial College to undertake PhD research into soil constitutive modelling.

 Looking back on her MSc year Angeliki says "It provided me with in depth understanding of soil mechanics and sparked my interest in research. When I came to London, following my undergraduate degree in Greece, I did not plan to do a PhD. However, when I got an offer to join the research group at the end of the MSc year I accepted it without hesitation".

 Angeliki was awarded the Soil Mechanics Prize for her MSc dissertation. Her subsequent PhD research focused on the development, implementation and application of kinematic hardening constitutive models for stiff clays. "Those years were extremely informative and I was lucky to be part of a research group which was vibrant and intellectually stimulating. In addition to technical knowledge, it provided me with important contacts for my subsequent career."

 After finishing her PhD at Imperial, Angeliki joined the Geotechnical Consulting Group (GCG) in September 2004 and is still there 13 years later. She is currently an Associate Director and part of the numerical group at GCG.

Following on from her PhD work, she has worked on the use of constitutive models in advanced numerical analyses of complex geotechnical problems, including foundations (onshore and offshore), retaining walls, deep excavations, tunnels, dams and reservoirs.

Reflecting on her work at GCG, she commented "I am lucky to be able to use the knowledge I gained during my MSc and PhD in practice. For example, the constitutive models developed during my PhD were employed in the design of an embankment dam at Abingdon for Thames Water". Examples of other projects where in depth understanding of soil characterization and constitutive modelling were required include her recent work on monopile foundations for offshore wind farms, as well as expert witness legal cases undertaken by GCG.

In addition to her numerical work, Angeliki has project managed and technically led a number of projects, including deep basements for prestigious developments in London and projects related to the effects of excavation and construction on existing infrastructure. As part of the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project she technically led the Phase 3 building damage assessments for all the heritage buildings in the area.

During her time at GCG, Angeliki has extended further the constitutive models developed during her PhD. She has published a number of journal and conference papers on constitutive models and their application in boundary value problems.

 Looking back on her time at Imperial she comments "I feel that my MSc and PhD degree formed the foundation for my subsequent career. I wouldn't be where I am without them".