Msc graduate 2016 – Fu Chen

Fu ChenFu Chen attended Imperial College London in 2016 where he studied on the MSc course in Soil Mechanics and passed the MSc course with Distinction.

“I found this course very useful. I really liked soil behaviours theory and the numerical simulation with ICFEP. It will help me to analyze the geotechnical problems in the future”.

Fu Chen completed his Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering in 2011 at the Harbin Institute of Technology,  China, and after graduation he began his career working for Tianjin Port Engineering Institute of China Communications Construction Company. He was involved with different kinds of port engineering projects, including wharf pile foundations, breakwater, land reclamation and consequent ground improvement at Huanghua Port.

“I have got a great deal of site experience from these projects, but I also realized I need to enhance more geotechnical theory and numerical simulation to be a good geotechnical engineer”, he says looking back at his five years of work experience.

 After China had implemented the Belt and Road Initiative and there would be more and more overseas infrastructure projects, the need for International Civil Engineers would increase and Fu Chen was lucky to be accepted to study a Masters degree in the UK.

“Thanks to the support from my company, I got the precious opportunity to study at Imperial College.    I had the opportunities to communicate with classmates and engineers from different countries and different backgrounds. It helped to prepare me for the international projects in the future.”

 He was also very interested in the thermal consolidation, which was the topic of his dissertation. “I find it is a very promising ground improvement technique for soft clay. I will continue to do some research work on thermal consolidation, and I hope the filed application of this ground improvement technique comes soon.”