MSc graduate 2021 – Stan Qi

Stan Qi attended MSc Soil Mechanics at Imperial College London in 2020-2021 and graduated with Distinction. In 2022 Stan was awarded the British Geotechnical Association (BGA) 53rd Cooling Prize based on his MSc dissertation ‘Numerical evaluation of empirical estimates of seepage through contiguous piled walls’.

Prior to attending the MSc, Stan spent 5 years working as a civil and geotechnical engineer for some major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong. His professional experience has spanned from contracting to design consultancies. In late 2019 he passed his chartership exam and became an ICE chartered engineer. Regarding his decision of returning to university right after chartership, Stan says “After working for a few years in the industry I aspire to advance my academic knowledge in geotechnics and better equip myself for the fast-changing industry. As a full-time student I can concentrate on pursuing knowledge and devote to my interested research area with freshness and excitement. Of all places in the world, Imperial is right on the top of my list in terms of post-graduate study due to its reputation in academic and well-curated syllabus. The MSc programme provides courses that strike a balance between both practical applications and geotechnical theories. I knew that it would be a perfect place for my MSc study.”

Stan completed his MSc dissertation which investigated seepage through contiguous piled walls. He built on his practical experience on site where he applied groundwater control measures in deep excavations. Through collaborating with industrial practitioners and leading researchers from Arup and Imperial, his MSc works have provided some insights on this issue which could be useful in design and construction.  

Upon completing his MSc Stan joined Atkins where he has been involved in a number of UK and international infrastructure projects. He has rapidly gained experience in various types of geotechnical works including ground investigation, foundations, earthworks, retaining structures, deep excavation, ground improvement, dams & reservoirs. Stan enthusiastically remarks “The MSc programme has equipped me with sound knowledge basis which allows me to become a competent technical lead. It has expanded my armoury of approaches to geotechnical designs. I feel that I have become more versatile and confident when it comes to delivering effective engineering solutions for various types of geotechnical works. Besides, the programme offers a strong link to the industry. I have met many Imperial alumni in our team and across the industry. Overall, the MSc experience is very rewarding.”